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Definition of Race

No, I'm not racist. In this world, humans have evolved into several subspecies due to extreme levels of radiation. Most of these can probably still interbreed, but a few of them might not be able to produce fertile offspring any longer, which would make them different species, even!

And, even the ones who can produce fertile offspring can be different races - just look at dogs. Poodles, spaniels, bulldogs and alsatians are all the same species, yet they can vary a lot in size and looks.

No, I'm no expert on the definitions here, but I still feel pretty alright about my own terminology.


The "elves" are not really elves. That's just what I call them, because it's the easiest term to understand quickly. They are really immortal humans with a very high level of technology - something that other races see as magic.

They also tend to stay inside their own cities a lot, and not interfere too much with others, which gives them an added touch of mystery. Some of them have been known to go tamper in other species' genetics and the like, and many of the other races believe them to be gods.


The angels evolved in windy parts, among the mountains and in other places where a wide wing span might be beneficial.

They have feathered wings, something I believe was not a part of natural selection. While humans might grow leathery wings like bats, I find it rather unlikely they would also grow feathers on their own, even with a mutation rate this high. Instead, their feathered wings were the result of a "god" (immortal human) tampering with genetics.