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  1. Introduction
  2. Myths of the Angels


All people have myths and stories about days long gone by. In our times we don't know what really happened at, say, Troy - or if there really was an Atlantis. These myths are too far off for us to know.
In this world, however, we can know. I, as the creator, know just what happened - and the elves/gods know too. Therefore, it's easier to compare the myths to what really happened.
Anyway, I just like writing stuff myth-style, so, yeah.

Myths of the Angels

For some reason, the "angels" have come to be the people I am most concerned with, and thus their myths were the ones I started with - and while writing, I came to realise things about them: such as that they are quite warlike, because they see everybody shaped differently from themselves as a potential enemy.
Their greatest crime is one attacking another of their species, and I do believe this crime could lead to the perpetrator having his wings cut off and being banished. Harsh, but... it seems to fit their frame of mind.

The Creation

In the beginning all the people lived together and were one people. The people were divided, yet no one could look upon another and tell who he was or where he was from, for all the people were molded with the same form. The people, thus not knowing who they could trust and who they could not trust, therefore fought with eachother.

But their fighting angered the gods, who sent fire and thunder and poison upon them. And of the people, all but a few died and they begged the gods for mercy. And the gods said "What shall we do with you, since you are wont to fight amongst yourselves and kill your own brothers?" and the people said "Give us different shapes, that we may tell friend from foe, and we shall not again do so."

And the gods bowed their heads and let it be so. And thus they made the people into many people. They made the giants and the dwarves, the ones in the water and on the land. Some held on to their old shape and the gods let them stay thus. Finally, the gods came upon he whom had spoken up and made the suggestion. They looked upon him and they smiled.

"What would you like to be, then? they said and he hesitated but a moment, for he already knew. "I would like the skies for my domain," he said. "I would like to fly high on the wind, and to be light yet strong so that I will not be blown away or attacked by those who think themselves better than me."

And the gods saw that his heart was pure and his intentions good and thus they gave him wings, that he may fly where he wish. They made his body light so that his wings would carry him, yet they also gave him strength in his legs, arms and wings, that he may not be blown away by the strong winds.

The man took flight and the gods called him Ou-eng, that is He Whom Flies, and he was the first of the winged people and the first to fly.

And Ou-eng became the first king of the winged people and he made the Laws which may not be broken, and the winged people looked upon them and they saw they were good and they swore to never breake them.

This is the story of the beginning of the world and how the winged people came to be, and of Ou-eng, the first king. Learn from it well, that you do not make the same mistake the shapeless people of the beginning made, and you shall live long and well.